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The First Thing They Look For

Joke submitted by: Anonymous

There are three ladies all sitting next to each other on a plane, a blonde, a red head and an african american.

All of a sudden the captain comes over the intercom and says, "Ladies and gentlemen . . . The plane is having problems and we are going to crash."

The blonde immediately starts to put on her make up.

The other ladies asked her why.

"Well, I heard that when the plane goes down the first thing they look for are the pretty ones."

So, after thinking about it, the redhead started to unbutton her shirt. The others asked her why.

"I heard that the first thing that they look for are women with big tits."

Finally the african american woman starts to take off her pants and underwear.

Shocked, the ladies asked her why.

"Ladies, just so you know . . . I always heard that the first thing they look for when the plane goes down is the black box!"

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