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Fanny Licking Frog

Joke submitted by: Anonymous

While two ladies are driving in a car, they pass a house with a sign saying "Fanny Licking Frogs $5 round back". Having nothing else to do, they decided to see what it was. As they entered the backyard they saw a small shed with a sign on it saying "fanny licking frog".

The first lady entered the room and saw a small frog sitting on a stool and a slot to pay $5. She was curious so she pulled down her panties and sat near the frog. Nothing happened.

Wanting to see something happen, she has her friend to go in and see if she can get it to work. Her friend pulled down her panties and sat near the frog. Again, nothing happened. Frustrated, she walked outside and asked a man who was gardening nearby, "Can we have our money back? The frog isn't working."

The man leads them back into the shed and says "This is the last time I show you how frog!"

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